Help! Windows 10 keeps running updates and “gobbling up” all the data on my mobile connection


Microsoft Windows 10 pushes updates automatically and regularly, and as the owner of the PC or notebook, you do not always have full control over how this happens. Especially when you are connecting to the Internet using a 3G/4G/LTE mobile device. And this data can be costly, and used in a flash when updates are downloading.

You can take back the power! And download updates only when you want to on the Internet connection of your choice.

Solution 1 – Set as metered connection

You could set certain connections as a metered connection.

To do this click on the Properties of your WiFi Connection (you access this by clicking on the WiFi network icon in the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar


Now select the Set as metered connection option


This can help with delaying or deferring some updates, but it is not foolproof.

Solution 2 – Manually disable and enable Windows Update

This gives you complete control over updates.

You can manually disable any and all updates, and enable them on the Internet connection of your choice.

You do this by disabling or enabling the service called Windows Update in Services and Applications in Computer Management.

Open Windows Explorer (Windows Button-E). Right click This PC and select Manage.

Now expand Services and Applications and click on Services.


Double click the Windows Update service and click Stop and then change the Startup Type to Disabled.


To enable it again, just change Startup type to Automatic (the service will restart automatically).

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