Error installing MindManager on Windows 10

You will receive an error like this one:

The installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64only) has failed.

Setup will now exit.

The problem is caused by upgrading to Windows 10 from previous versions of Windows

Go to Mindjet’s MindManager download site

Mindjet Downloads Library

and download the Admin package

Now open the downloaded zip file and run the installer


Install a clean build of Windows 10 – a clean install is the BEST install

I have also found that a clean install can considerably improve performance as well.

Yes, that means upgrading to Windows 10 the long way:

  1. Reserve your upgrade
  2. Backup all your data and document and any important settings
  3. Download the relevant ISOs (use Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool)
  4. Prepare your installation media (Create a bootable USB drive)
  5. Run the upgrade from your current device FIRST – this helps save the Windows 10 licence key for your system/motherboard with Microsoft for activation
  6. Finally, boot your USB and install a clean copy of Windows 10

Then, MindManager should install correctly from the standard install

Voila and happiness

It seems in some instances with early upgrades of Windows 10 that the upgrade process corrupted some of the programming frameworks and re-distributables installed (like Microsoft Visual C++), which you cannot fix. 


sfc /scannow
from a command prompt (as Administrator) 
does sometimes fix some of these issues as well.